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PINTY: Drivers Give First Impressions of New General Tire


As reported earlier this year by our Camden Lazenby, General Tire signed a multi-year deal with NASCAR to become the official tire supplier of many of its support and international series including its Canadian tour; the Pinty Series. Last week, in preparation for the season opening race at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, several teams headed to the 2.88km/1.78mi course to get a feel of the new tire and dust the cobwebs off after a long off-season.

With the weather being clear, and cool, conditions were ripe to really put the new tire through its paces. With this new partnership with General Tire, the series gets to enjoy its first rubber optimized specifically for the Pinty series cars and their unique among stock car schedule that includes ovals, road courses and a street circuit.

Alex Tagliani, who won last August’s event at CTMP had gotten an earlier chance at the end of April to test the new tires and gave them quite the rousing review. From a press release by his team, 22 racing; “I think it’s a great idea that the NASCAR Pinty’s Series officials went ahead with the introduction of a new racing tire for the 2019 season…because competition in our series is quite intense, I think we were ready to move from regular rubbers to more competitive and better performing racing tires that will let us put on a better show for our NASCAR Pinty’s fans. That’s what came to mind after a few laps on the new rubber. The car was faster, and that led me to think that most, if not all Pinty’s Series track records will be broken this coming season.” But that was not all he had to say; “I also think that a softer compound tire built for racing will most likely wear out faster, which in turn will make for more interesting races, more passing and most likely more exciting race finishes. Saving tires during a race will become a concern to both teams and drivers if they want to score maximum points. For these reasons, I think we’re on the eve of an exciting season with the General Tire new racing rubbers.”

Kevin Lacroix, a three-time winner at CTMP, got his chance during the official Pinty test a few days later than Tagliani to run on the new tires, and he had a similar sentiment to Alex. In a video posted to the Pinty series Twitter, Kevin made the observation that “the tire builds up grip a lot faster (than in the past), as soon as we’re in the third corner, the grip is there. We already beat the lap record.”

With the general consensus that these tires are much improved over the Goodyear tires that they had ran on in seasons past, this seemingly bodes well for an increase in competition over the season. With the news that several past drivers such as Jason Hathaway, Mark Dilley and Alex Labbe would be returning to full time rides, as well as the races being able to be streamed live on Fanschoice.TV, everything is shaping up to make the 2019 NASCAR Pinty’s Series championship possibly one of the most exciting and successful in series history.

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