MENCS: Johnson partners with Ally Financial for the next two seasons


MARTINSVILLE, VA — Hendrick Motorsports has announced Ally Financial as the new primary sponsor for Jimmie Johnson.

Johnson, who has had full season sponsorship from Lowe’s since his rookie season in 2002, will be undergoing the first sponsorship change of his Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series career over the offseason. Ally Financial will sponsor the No.48 Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet Camaro for the entirety of the 2019 and 2020 seasons.

“To enter this new chapter in my racing career and have one sponsor once again I think says a lot about Hendrick Motorsports and the value of this No. 48 car and also in our sport,” said Johnson.

“As today unfolds, with the media buys theyíve done and the way theyíre going to advertise in our sport and as you see them engage next year, theyíre really using NASCAR as a marketing tool for their company, you will all be very impressed with their vision and the importance they see in NASCAR racing is the main reason why they are here and involved.Ē

Ally Financial is in the business of auto financing and liability protection. Before 2010 the company was known as General Motors Acceptance Corporation. In the past GMAC sponsored HMS from 1993 to 2007. Initially the company was just an associate sponsor before becoming a primary.

Jimmie Johnson has won a race in every season of his career, but so far has yet to get a win in 2018. After Martinsville he’ll only have three attempts left to keep his streak in tack. Photo by Jonathan McCoy.

“The primary side is done and there are still some associate opportunities on the car; and then obviously my endorsement opportunities. I happen to have a few of my relationships running at the end of their contracts this year, so Iím looking at any and all. Of course, I canít make any of those moves until we know what our primary is so thereís not a conflict.

But the neat thing emerges through this partnership is their brand and the way they market. Iím not sure if youíve got a chance to look and see, but the way they go about things, itís a lifestyle brand although itís a bank and a finance place. So, I feel that this is really, really a good fit. They really want to support me as an individual and the things that Iím in to and why I love racing. So, out of the gate, from a primary standpoint, this is a home run. And it can only get better from here if I can loop-in either endorsement or associate sponsorship from there.Ē

Regarding his new paint scheme, Johnson says ďThere are hundreds of renderings floating around. There are multiple colors in their palate of choice. …† †There are a lot of decisions to be made but itís been a fun process and they are a really fun company. So, itís going to turn out well.”

Johnson’s team owner, Rick Hendrick said the sponsorship opening “had a lot of interest.”

“We had folks that were semi-right. We had a lot of folks that were a conflict. But when I step back and look at this, when you look at their youth movement and how they work with millenniums, it couldnít be a better deal for us. And, to have all the races with a company thatís really leading the market, itís a blessing.”

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