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Lazenby: Noah Gragson’s a Walking Meme


On Tuesday, February 13 Fox Sports One posted a short video segment in which Noah Gragson, a one-race winner in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, said “I tried to destroy as many people as I could while I was wrecking.”

The quote was referencing his crash-filled Daytona debut, last year.

In response to his controversial quote, Gragson has made nonstop “vanilla” jokes. Photo captured from Noah Gragson’s snapchat.

There’s something you need to know about Gragson, he’s a walking meme. Having grown up in the throngs of meme and vine culture, the 19-year-old from Las Vegas can’t take himself seriously long enough to address a small public relations crisis. When asked about the 24 hours since the controversial clip made rounds on twitter and was subsequently deleted by Fox, Gragson wanted to talk about the non-exciting things.

He was scheduled to take a ride on the Goodyear blimp, but the excursion was called off due to fog. “Waited it out, like two hours,” said Gragson, “went and got some shrimp tacos. Had a little lettuce, sour cream and cheese. … no guac(amole).”

When asked if his pr representative said anything to him yesterday, he said he only texted him to go get dinner. Naturally, he wanted the world to know “it was a pretty good meal” between the two of them. “Had a little key lime pie we split together. Just a little mono y mono date, ya know?”

“I thought it was pretty cool – I was surprised that Dale Jr. was going to tweet me. I got a little fanboy there. He liked my tweet, and he tweeted me so that was really cool and I got a lot of followers out of that deal so I was pretty pumped up.”


“I try to be as real to myself and relatable, as I can, to the fans on social media. That’s what I try to do on my social media – on my Twitter, on my Instagram, on my snapchat is – I try to be like one of them, because I am one of them. I’m a fan of this sport, I just happen to have the opportunity. I’m very fortunate to sit in a race car on the weekends and go fast.”

He hasn’t spoken with Denny Hamlin, one of the drivers who reacted (in not necessarily a positive way) to his deadpanned statement. “I can’t get Hamlin’s number at all,” said Gragson. He then asked Bob Pockrass of ESPN if he had it.

“I was going to slide into the DM’s but he doesn’t follow me so I can’t slide in. … he’s probably got his 10,001 career race going on, so he’s probably busy.”


Is it a generational thing? Gragson has amassed a growing fanbase through his social media antics; if there’s a joke to be made Gragson will post it. Many, especially younger generations use social media as a way to share memes and lightly chide each other but for some these networks are more business than fun. When thrown this question Gragson said, “They probably just had like stone and chisels back then.”

“I’m just kidding. That was a sarcastic remark.”

Gragson wouldn’t confirm if Fox offered an apology to him.

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