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It’s no secret, when drivers bring a new sponsor into the wonderfully cooperate world of racing NASCAR will try to scoop up those dollars and translate them towards something the sanctioning body can benefit from.

The Weather Company, parent company of the Weather Channel, has joined with NASCAR and Ben Kennedy to create a sport-wide partnership. Fans will be able to see the Weather Channel’s logo on Kennedy’s Chevrolet during the select races he will run.

More importantly, however, NASCAR will use this partnership to gain in-depth forecasts for race weekends. Using the computing power of the IBM cloud NASCAR will have a multitude of data streamlined directly to race command. Eventually, it’s expected this information will find its way to the fan base by way of

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“This is not just about a forecast,” a Weather Company representative said on Friday. “It is about enabling NASCAR to make weather driven decisions with greater confidence and less uncertainty. and we’re really excited about this and we’re really excited to be the official weather partner.”

NASCAR has never been a stranger to weather. Years ago, we’re talking a few decades here, team members, media elite and scores of fans would swarm around a single television projecting a crude radar. These days race teams may have up to half a dozen tv’s on top and around their war wagons; equipped with internet hot spots, radar can be displayed for team’s to monitor.

Teams will have much more information as the Weather Company will be “staffing this partnership with a team of meteorologists who are going to be providing insights days before a race all the way throughout … the waving of the checkered flag.”

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The Weather Company’s representative went on to explain “the goal is to provide [NASCAR] with the most accurate and precise and hyper local forecast, because what happens at one end of the track could be very different than another end, right? So you’ve got a track like Daytona which is four kilometers. Well we’re actually forecasting for 2.2 billion locations around the world every fifteen minutes at a half a kilometer resolution so we can get down to the specific turn on the track.”

“This is just the start of what we hope is a really long term collaborative partnership with NASCAR, with Ben Kennedy racing, it’s very exciting for us at The Weather Company and IBM.”

With better access to forecasts fans will be able to better enjoy their stay in the city hosting that weekend’s NASCAR event. If a large band of rain storms through, knowing how long it will stick around is crucial. Soaked fans could make the decision to return to their hotel or campers, change into a set of dry clothes and grab some food at a local restaurant or bar. This new partnership has potential to improved every facet of the sport.

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