MENCS: Jeffrey Earnhardt as “The Driver”


BRISTOL, Tennessee — Streaming now on Hulu, “The Driver, with Jeffrey Earnhardt.” This exclusive series is a product of Hulu’s partnership with Earnhardt’s race team, JEI and will chronicle the struggles associated with being the lesser known Earnhardt.

Earnhardt drives for the No. 33 JEI Chevrolet, an under funded team scratching and clawing for everything it can get. Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s nephew thinks “the coolest part is getting to show everyone the hard work and dedication that goes into being a small team, or even the situation [he’s] in.”

“It’s something that we’ve thought about as a company, with JEI for awhile, but you know, whenever we partnered with Hulu – obviously you know they got a huge audience and it was something they were interested in doing as well. They thought it would be something cool to release and give fans something to go watch on Hulu. When you’re logging onto Hulu to go stream live, watching the race or your favorite shows, why not go watch your favorite driver and go see a little bit about him and his life? If I am your favorite driver.”

The No. 33 Hulu Chevrolet rolls through New Hampshire. Photo by Owen Richards.

This week it was announced Twitter will host live streams of in-car cameras during the playoffs, is online streaming the next big thing for NASCAR and sports broadcasting?

“I definetily do,” said Earnhardt. “I just feel like the whole world is migrating that way. I mean who doesn’t like the convenience of … pulling up on your phone, being able to stream live tv or whatever. I mean, its a younger demographic, you see everyone and that’s the direction they’re going so, you know, it’s been a great partnership and to be able to push the ability to be able to go watch favorite shows whenever you want is great. I live a busy life style so i have a huge appreciation for the convenience of Hulu.”

With the sports most popular driver on his way out, “The Driver” could be an easy way for Earnhardt to pick up a substantial fan base from his uncle.

“I didn’t even think about it until now,” said Earnhardt on appealing to Jr. nation. “Honestly, I just hope the Junior fans stick around and keep supporting the sport. He has a huge fan base and we need all the fans we can in this sport, whether they’re here cheering for me or booing for me I don’t care as long as they’re here supporting us.”

On why the Hulu partnership works Earnhardt said, “your average NASCAR fan(s) are hard working people, they don’t have time to sit around and watch television all day. With Hulu you’re able to go back and watch your favorite shows, and not only that but also their tie into the younger demographic is really big. That’s what this sport needs is that younger demographic and continuing on that support for NASCAR. I feel like Hulu is a great fit, and I’ve heard a lot of people, fan-wise and throughout the industry have talked about how awesome it is to have Hulu involved in NASCAR now.”

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