Fender to Fender: An Exclusive Interview with NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series Driver Reed Sorenson


I recently had the opportunity to interview Reed Sorenson driver of the No. 15 for Premium Motorsports. Reed gives his insight on the new stage racing and he discusses his Atlanta Falcons.

Sarah Handy: Do you find that the new stage format benefits the smaller teams?
Reed Sorenson: I don’t think it really helps or hurt us.  We might have an opportunity to pit less which saves us tire money

SH: There’s recently been some talk going around about bringing restrictor plate racing to Indianapolis Motor Speedway. What are your thoughts on that?
RS: Never have heard that we are, nowhere close to being wide open there.  Someone probably made that up most likely.

SH: Do you have a pre-race routine each week?
RS: Pedialyte to drink.

SH: What track is your all-time favorite, and why?
RS: Dover, it’s fast and really fun to race on. Plenty of groves to run during the race.

SH: Is there one track in particular that you find to be the most challenging?
RS: I would say Darlington is when the pavement is old, but so fun.

SH: If you could add one track to the Cup schedule that isn’t currently on it, which track would it be?
RS: Road course in Houston.

SH: What is your favorite thing to do outside of racing?
RS: Being with my wife and daughter, and I enjoy outdoor activities.

SH: What advice would you give someone that wants to get involved in racing?
RS: Have a lot of money.

SH: Is there a race that has always stuck out in your mind from your career so far?
RS: First Xfinity win at Nashville.

SH: Do you remember the first time you were ever approached for your autograph?
RS: It was probably when I first started running XFINITY in 2004.

SH: You’re an Atlanta Falcons fan as most fans know. They had a great season last year, did you get the chance to attend any games?
RS: I was able to go to the playoff games.  The last game in the Georgia Dome was really exciting to go to and for us to go out with a win was really cool for the city and the team.  We came so close to winning the Super Bowl and just made mistakes to give the Patriots a gift.

SH: If you weren’t racing what do you think you’d be doing?
RS: I’m not too sure.  I have been racing my whole professional career. I would have to really sit down and think about what would be something I would be as passionate about as racing.

SH: Do you ever have any desire to own your own racing team?
RS: I don’t think so. I have seen firsthand how hard it is.  It takes a lot of things to go your way for it to be successful.

SH: You’ve won 4 times in the XFINITY Series, do you have any plans to run any future races in that series, or the truck series which you’ve run as well?
RS: Not at this time.  I would run either if a good opportunity presented itself.

SH: If you could go back and change anything in your career, would you?
RS: Hindsight is always 20/20 and you can always say what if, but I have enjoyed all the people I have worked with and the experiences that I have had.  So, I feel like I have learned a lot as a driver at this level and as a person.

SH: Do you own any of your own diecast cars that have been produced? If so, do you have a favorite?
RS: I have a few of them. They are all great especially the win ones!

If you are interested in following Reed and Premium Motorsports on any of their social media platforms, please see the information below.

Official Website for Premium Motorsports: http://www.premiummotorsports.net
Twitter account for Reed Sorenson: @ReedSorenson36
Twitter account for Premium Motorsports: @premiummotrspts
Facebook account for Reed Sorenson: http://www.facebook.com/reedsorensonracing
Facebook account for Premium Motorsports: http://www.facebook.com/premiummotorsportsllc
Instagram account for Premium Motorsports: @premiummotorsportsllc

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