NCWTS: “Terrible Tire” selection by Goodyear


Over the past few years Goodyear has struggled to bring a tire to NASCAR’S shortest track that could rubber in the groove, something that improves the racing and makes race runs more dynamic.

This time around Goodyear has brought a new set of right-side tires to the paperclip, the right-side tire is code D-4722. The left-sides are the same compound Goodyear has been bringing here since the onset of the generation-six car. Technology changes rapidly in the ever evolving engineering nature of NASCAR, one would think Goodyear would’ve changed the left-side compound by now.

These tire conditions created a race for Matt Crafton that “was frustrating without a doubt.” Crafton’s race wasn’t terribly eventful; however, short track racing had him a bit perturbed after the race.

“Goodyear brought a terrible tire here, because it had zero tire wear,” said Crafton. “They put a new right-side, that was one thing. The left side tire just had zero wear and we were running so fast at the end of the run.”

“Track position is still key. For example, the four truck took two tires there on the first (pit stop) - had the lead for a long time and ran in the top three with two tires. Anytime in the past if you put two tires on you’d be going backwards in a hurry.”

After the race, winner Chase Elliott, commented on the new tires and spoke on how much rubber has been laid down onto the concrete.

“The temperatures are definitely up from what I think we typically see in this race so to me the track is taking a lot rubber, way quicker than it typically does. I mean, a lot of the times you don’t even see rubber lay down in this truck race and you don’t see it lay down until halfway through the cup race on Sundays a lot of the time. So the fact it’s already blackening up today, I think is going to probably lend itself to see some Martinsville of old.”

But were the left-sides at play? “No, I mean the left sides typically don’t lay a whole lot of rubber anywhere but I think that did have a factor in running over 100 laps on our last set.”

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