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NCATS: Tagliani Autosport Switches to Chevrolet, Partners with Gravel Auto


Tagliani Autosport announced on Thursday, May 14 that they will switch from Dodge to Chevrolet for the upcoming NASCAR Canadian Tire Series season. The announcement comes as a result of a new partnership with Gravel Auto.

“With our new partnership with Gravel Auto, it became essential that we switch to Chevrolet,” Tagliani stated. “This association will enable Gravel Auto’s clientele the opportunity to order the TAG Signature aesthetic package or performance modification for their new or current cars. We are also pleased to announce that Canadian alloy wheel manufacturer Fast Wheels, has joined the Gravel Auto TAG Signature option program.”

Tagliani Autosport also announced that they have partnered with the CGI Group Incorporated for the 2015 program.

“I am very proud to introduce CGI into the world of motorsport and to be able to partner with them as they are a great fit with our racing program,” he added. “I’m hoping the successes of Tagliani Autosport during 2015 will help grow this association into a long term partnership. We are truly excited to represent CGI with our EpiPen Team, especially as we gain 68,000 new fans who are employees of the company.”

Other new partners included in the Tagliani Autosport program include Riobel, a Canadian faucet and shower system company, and Napoleon, a Canadian manufacture of wood and gas fireplaces, gourmet gas and charcoal grills.

“One of my passions is home renovation,” Tagliani said. “With Riobel and Napoleon, I think we can develop unique and innovative concepts for building contractors who wish to offer high quality products to their clients.”

Alex Tagliani will miss the season opener this weekend at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park due to participating in the Indianapolis 500. He has hired two-time DD2 Class Karting World Champion Pier-Luc Ouellette from Terrebonne, Quebec to drive the car for the season opener this weekend.

Tagliani Autosport will continue their partnership with Pfizer Canada Inc. with Tagliani serving as the brand ambassador. Pfizer Canada Inc. is the Canadian distributor of The EpiPen® epinephrine auto-injector. The partnership allows Tagliani to bring awareness to allergies and EpiPen’s message as he has a severe allergy to nuts.

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