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Ricky Sanders at SEMA 2013. Copyright © 2013 RubbingsRacing.com. All rights reserved. Photo credit: Boyd Adams

Ricky Sanders at SEMA 2013. Copyright © 2013 RubbingsRacing.com. All rights reserved. Photo credit: Boyd Adams

By: Boyd Adams

This is the second of a ten part series by RubbingsRacing.com photographer and writer Boyd Adams. Check back every Wednesday for interviews with NASCAR suppliers and Industry leaders.

One of the first things you’ll need for your new or used race car is a trailer and a pit box. Former race driver Ricky Sanders is the man you need to contact.

Watching people looking at the merchandise and answering questions at the recent SEMA show, Ricky said that this is the start of his busy season. He’ll be at trade shows, and some practice events for racing series, and tests. His life is racing, and he enjoys it.

Ricky Sanders used to and still occasionally races in NASCAR, ARCA, and Trans Am. races.  He did time in the Truck series, Nationwide, and also dabbled in ARCA, Late Model, and Road Racing. He skipped almost all of the dirt racing in the land, because, “Stuff got too dirty, that’s why I did mostly asphalt racing.”

His businesses, pitboxes.com and racetrailersales.com, are both available on the internet and can meet the needs of someone wanting to get into the race game. Most NASCAR teams have huge boxes where the pit crew guys can watch a replay of last pit stop, and seats for crew chiefs and sometimes car owners to sit and conduct the pit stop action. These are transported en masse to the track by a separate company, because of the size of them.

Some of the lower tier series, transport their own pit boxes, and save some money on them. Pitboxes.com is a deal for these teams. Most of the boxes are built to fit in the 53 foot trailers or toters so the teams can move them in their own transporters. “I built them that size so they can fit them in a standard hauler. They are great for the the ARCA drivers also.”

“The entry level ARCA type box is around $10,000 with a seat on the top,” explained the owner of Ricky Sanders Racing, Inc. “We also build some garage boxes for $7,500 to $8,000 that doesn’t have all the other stuff on them.”

Build, notice that word. Sanders company will build to spec for your special needs or can build from a display model. American made and American built for your racing needs.

For ARCA, Sanders has a medium box priced in the ten thousand dollar range. It’s a good combination of pit road and garage box with one seat on top. “We have a standard built that can serve both purposes and they don’t have to have two sets.”

With a fully customized box, you can put a tv set or vcr recording unit in and the sky is the limit for all sorts of add ons. Sanders can get them and make them a part of your pit box. Most of his standard boxes used in NASCAR run about 14,000 dollars.

Racetrailersales.com is a site where you can purchase a used trailer to transport your stuff to the track. This is basically a used trailer site, but if you’re looking for a deal, check this site out first. You can look to spend anywhere from $89,000 on up to get just what you need.

Semis and trailers can be found on the site. Some of the trailers have been retired from the Sprint Cup teams.

“I had a necessity for a pit box when I started racing,” explains Sanders. “Someone saw it and asked where I got it. I told them that I built it and people started wanting them. That’s how my business started.”

“It just kind of snowballed from there.”

“it seemed like common sense to also sell the transporters,” he said. “New ones are really expensive, especially when a used one can save you so much money.”

The soft spoken southerner says that he works with racing programs and mostly sticks with asphalt. “I did run some dirt with ARCA, but now I mostly run the Trans Am series.”

With several road racing series being melded in one by NASCAR, Ricky clearly has an opinion. “NASCAR has a lot of work to do to merge them together. They need to test to make them all competitive with each other. They also need to do some marketing of it,” he explains. “It will be good to merge them, because right now it’s like the IRL/CART wars that hurt open wheel racing.  It’s the right thing to get them all together.”

Pitboxes.com took this years SEMA Global Media Awards Winner plaque and trophy. With the slogan ‘If you can dream it we can build it’, it’s easy to see why.

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