NSCS: Riding The Trevor Bayne Train


Photo Credit: Farrah Kaye

By: Farrah Kaye

In a normal world, when the words “Private Number” show up on your cell phone, you assume it’s someone you don’t want to talk to.

For Trevor Bayne, it’s the same thing. So when that number flashed across his screen, he hit ignore. When it called back again, he picked up. But it wasn’t a prank call or an annoying friend – it was the White House.

Yes, THE White House. On the other end was President Joe Biden, who apparently is into cars himself.

“He used to drag race and he was really excited,” Bayne said of his conversation with the VPOTUS. “He’s like, ‘We’re proud of you. You represent everything good.’ It was very complimentary which was awesome to get that kind of credibility from the Vice President.”

Biden also mentioned his appreciation for the Wood Brothers and asked Bayne if he wanted to come “check out the White House.” An added bonus? He can bring whomever he wants. Could it get any better than that?

Yes it can. President Obama can’t wait to meet Bayne.

After his win, Bayne went on the normal post-Daytona 500 winner media blitz, taking on Chicago, Los Angeles and everything it has to offer. These stops had him making appearances on Good Morning LA, The Ellen Degeneres Show and Lopez Tonight.

While making his rounds, he met Pamela Anderson of Baywatch (or “Babewatch” as Bayne called it by accident) fame. Upon meeting Bayne, Anderson said he reminded her of her son.

“It was cool just to meet her,” Bayne said. “I remember watching Borat when he puts her in the bag and runs off to marry her. That was pretty cool to meet her.”

Staying grounded, Bayne said one of the coolest congratulatory messages he received was from India, where a girl he was dating is doing missionary work. She took a picture of her with the kids she is working with who all made “Good job, Trevor” signs.

Despite invitations to the White House, conversations with superstars and the big blingy ring on his finger, Bayne is still the same 20-year-old kid who stepped into the No. 21 car last week.

“This isn’t for me. It’s not anything I did by myself and I can’t ever think that way. That in itself should be enough to keep us humble because in racing you have your ups, but you definitely have more downs so we’ve got to keep that in perspective and not get too much on the mountaintop here.”

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