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Over the Wall: Episode 50 – Buz McKim & Danny Lawrence from ECR Engines Join Us


We made some history today, our 5oth show. So what’s a better way to celebrate? NASCAR Hall of Fame historian Buz McKim stops by to talk about who he thinks are the top 10 nominees for the 2011 HOF class. We also get to talk to the trackside manager of ECR Engines, Danny Lawrence about the success they had this past week at the Brickyard. Subscribe to the show so you don’t miss anything.

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So sit back and enjoy the show. Topics covered during the podcast were the following:

  • Introduction of Buz McKim, NASCAR Hall of Fame Historian
    We talk about the process for nomination
    Discuss the rules regarding being eligible even if still involved in the sport
    Buz gives us his personal top 10 out of this class of nominees
    We go down his list and talk about each one’s contributions to the sport and why he thinks they should be in that top 10
    Danny Lawrence, trackside manager of ECR Engines talks about the enormous success they had this week at the Brickyard 400
  • Intro and Exit Bumpers courtesy of PhilX of Powder Link
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