Tony Stewart and a Fast Track – Nothing To Do With Race Cars


There’s a Race in Indy this weekend but it isn’t on the track. It’s at the Indianapolis Zoo! What an incredible evening. It was about 86 degrees out and as Michael Crowther, President and CEO of the Indianapolis Zoo said, it is hotter in Indy this evening that it was in Namibia when they visited there. With funding donated by Polly Hix and her husband Tony Fair, long time supporters of the Zoo, and with continuing education funding and support provided by The Tony Stewart Foundation, this exhibit will open to the public this Saturday.

L-R Polly Hix, Tony Stewart, Tony Fair, Laurie Marker

Photo By Holly Blake

In my real job as a Region Manager of Dippin’ Dots – you know the original little beaded ice cream, I get to do some really cool things like being partners with the Indy Zoo. As such, I was thrilled to be able to attend this very special event. Cheetahs are endangered and the conservation and education efforts are in full force at the Zoo with the help of The Tony Stewart Foundation and some very dedicated and special people.

Tony attended the event and took part in the ribbon cutting ceremony. His entire family was also there. I had a chance to chat with him briefly and he was very happy to be there and proud to be a part of this very special exhibit. I also listened as he and Polly Hix were thanked by Mr. Crowther for their participation and their commitment in this project.

Crowther said of Tony, “We owe a debt of gratitude to him for making the Cheetah Exhibit famous”. He went on to say, “Tony Stewart is a Hoosier. Tony Stewart is a star. Tony Stewart loves big cats. Tony Stewart puts the human face to the exhibit and by doing so, more people will pay attention and care”.

Tony was presented an original etched vase and had this to say, “It is such an honor to be here. The month of May is the month I’m most passionate about but I have to be in Charlotte this weekend for another race”. He said he is very proud of The Tony Stewart Foundation and the people working hand in hand with the Zoo.

The exhibit includes a track with tree lights to start the runners so you can race the Cheetahs. If you are in Indy, go to the Zoo and race a Cheetah.

For more information about the exhibit and to see the commercials with Tony that are running locally here in Indianapolis follow this link:

One of the 5 Cheetahs at the Indianapolis Zoo

Photo by Holly Blake

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