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Over The Wall: Episode 22 – Mike Smith, Director of PR at Martinsville Joins us for a One-on-one, and we preview Atlanta



Episode 22 of “Over The Wall” is now available. Again all about NASCAR’s Cup series. This week, myself, Chris Smith and Fluid Media’s Cameron Watson and DJ DeSpain have a great on-on-one conversation with Mike Smith, Director of Public Relations at Martinsville Speedway. Mike offers his opinions and thoughts on so many aspects of not only NASCAR and Martinsville, but racing in general. Another great show. Make sure you leave comments on our Facebook page.

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So sit back and enjoy the show.

Topics covered during the podcast were the following:

  • We talk with Mike Smith, Director of PR at Martinsville
  • We talk about how he got involved with the sport
  • We talk about lights at Martinsville
  • We talk about his favorite tracks outside of Martinsville
  • We talk about Social Media and his involvement
  • We talk about the Citizen Journalist Media Corps
  • We talk about upgrades at Martinsville
  • We talk about promotions for the October race
  • We talk about should there be lights at Martinsville
  • Song: “Raise Up Your Hands” by American Heartbreak Located on the Podsafe Music Network
  • Intro and Exit Bumpers courtesy of PhilX of Powder PowderMusic.com Link
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Enjoy the podcast. We’ll put a new one up next week. Please let us know how you like it and what changes you would recommend. Again, your comments will drive the content.

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