Kyle Busch: New Name Should Be Tigger, Not Rowdy


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By: DJ DeSpain

Four races now into the “Race to the Chase” (and be sure to read my article on that phrase!) and Kyle Busch is out of the top 12 like Tigger on a bouncing binge. Kyle finished Chicagoland and Indy out of the top 30 and his best finish was 7th at Loudon, the first race of the “Race to the Chase” series. Since Sonoma, he dropped from 9th place in the standings down to 14th.

This is a major difference compared to this time last year when he was in 1st place, 253 points ahead of Dale Earnhardt Jr. after Indianapolis.

Now heading into Pocono, he hopes to get back into the top 12 but this track has never been kind to him. In his nine-race Pocono career, Busch has only two top-10 finishes and five finishes outside the top 20 (including a 43rd-place finish in last season’s June race). In terms of Driver Rating, it is his third-worst track. In terms of average finish, it’s his fourth-worst.

Is his attitude the cause for this recent slump? There are still moments when he will lash out at his team when things are not going his way, such as his overheard comments on the radio at Chicago calling his car a piece of junk. Kyle has never been considered one who plays well with others, being released from the Hendricks organization in 2007 seems to be proof of that alone.

Kyle has been compared to Tony Stewart when Stewart was starting his career and going through the same issues. But Stewart has something Busch doesn’t and that is two championships. Recently though, Kyle Busch claims that he has his temper under control, even joking that he’s following Coach Gibbs’ “playbook on life.” It appears that Kyle is beginning to understand that he has the talent but he has to acknowledge that talent alone can’t get him to the top.

Kyle has to grit his teeth and bite his tongue or else he’ll find himself bounced not only further down from the points but possibly bounced out of another ride.

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