Logano: First Win Comes in Rain Shortened Loudon


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Joey Logano gets his first Cup victory at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, making him the youngest driver in NASCAR history to win a race in the premier series. Many people have been complaining that he gets this win due to NASCAR calling the race with only a handful of laps left and Jeff Gordon marching towards the front.

My thoughts, get over it. This is not the first time a driver wins a race due to rain, in fact it’s not the first time this year. If Gordon, or better yet, Dale Earnhardt Jr. got a win this way, ending his losing streak, do you think anyone would be complaining then?

Get over it people. NASCAR did nothing different then they have done in the past. I don’t like rain shortened races, but they are a part of the series, and it is in the rule book. If you want to eliminate them, take a page out of the Formula One book and put rain tires on these guys with wipers and let them go.

Congratulations Joey. I expect this won’t be your last victory!

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