Johnny Benson: Out on the Streets Again


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Johnny Benson is out of yet another driving job. And again, it is not based on skill or competitive nature. It is a lack of sponsorship funding.

Benson, defending Truck Series Champion, is outindefinitelydue to sponsorship woes despite the fact that he currently sits 7th in the overall points. Red Horse Racing, Benson’s team has decided to shut down the Number 1 team operations instead of holding tight to one of the best drivers in not only the Truck series, but in all of NASCAR.

It is a shame that it looks like Benson will not be able to run at his own home track at Michigan International Speedway due to the short-time to work out an arrangement.

Benson came up through the ASA circuit winning the championship, then moving to the Nationwide Series where he won the “Rookie of the Year” (ROY) in 1994 and followed it up with the Championship in 1995. Then Benson made the leap to the Cup Series where he again won ROY honors and then seemed to never get a car or team behind him enough for him to make the impact I was sure that he would make.

His big break appeared to come when he was pulled into the Rousch Racing team, but his years at Rousch didn’t fare well for him. I believe he was the testing car, given experimental parts to work out the kinks, for the top drivers in that organization. And all other teams he has driven for have been either start-ups,floundering, or downright bad organiztions.

Once Benson moved to the Truck Series, he has been a solid competitor and last year won the Championship outright.

Why Benson has had such a rocky road with sponsorships, owners, etc. is beyond me. He has great charisma, is well-versed and performs on the track. What more can you ask for as an owner or sponsor.

Johnny B Good….. We are pulling for you. You’re one of the good guys.

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