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Hoffa Ready to Make Mark on NASCAR?

Hoffa Testifies
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That’s right, there have been rumblings about forming a driver’s union on the NASCAR circuit. Now I am all for getting treated fairly, but lets look at what unions have done to the most important people, the fans of sports. Hockey and Baseball lost seasons as well as fans because they felt that a couple of million dollars a year isn’t enough to send you kids to college. Now like most fans, I make a decent living, but it is nowhere near the dollars going around these different sports leagues. I get sick to my stomach when I hear multi-millionaires or even multi-billionaires complain about having to send their kids to college or worrying about finances at all. Live a day in my shoes is how I like to think.

But back to if there is mistreatment. I do believe that unions have their place, but when you move into high dollar marks with athletes and agents, I feel that unions begin to break down the integrity of the sport. A perfect example is how the players union in Baseball fought for so long to prevent steroid testing, and look at what we are up against now. I don’t think Congress belongs in Baseball or any other sport for that matter, but the fact is that Baseball is now marked with the same asterisk that brands Barry Bond’s record-breaking home run hit. Without the union, that is something that could have been prevented before it became widespread.

Jeff Gordon stated earlier that he believes that there should be quarterly meeting among drivers and NASCAR to address the issues that cover the problems that they are seeing, but not forming an actual union. I have to agree. I believe that if a drivers union is formed, you will begin to see the sport decline. Not only in NASCAR, but in all motor sports. For the most part, NASCAR leads the way and all of the other divisions of motor sports eventually follow suit. 

Let’s do what’s best for the fans, keep the sport clean, clear and full of action. If that also means some controversy, that’s okay. A little spice is always good in life.


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