This Miller Lite’s for You?


Creative Commons License photo credit: Thomas Hawk

Here’s what Kurt Busch had to say about the post-race fan activities after the Talladega race on April 29, 2007:

I’ve been working on my fan base for years, and I probably won’t have any after this comment, but it’s very disappointing to see race fans throw Miller Lite beer cans all over the racetrack. It’s very unfortunate.

Uh, yeah, Kurt.  I believe that you believe those cans were Miller Lite. I think if you had a real good copy of the replay video and could zoom in, you’ll see a lot more red and white beer cans than blue and white.

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  1. DJ

    May 2, 2007 at 5:56 pm

    I stand corrected. Click on the link below to see a picture of a Miller Lite beer can bouncing off the hood of Jeff Gordon’s car after the Talladega race.

    Miller Lite can bouncing off Gordon’s car


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