The winner is…. definitely not us!


“1…2…3 It’s over! Hulk Helton pinned the Home Depot Hercules in what is considered to be the most lopsided match in all of the history of Wreck-O-Mania!”

Yes, I’m still going with the wrestling analogy here to update the Rubbings Racing readers on the latest in the Tony Stewart versus NASCAR caution saga. I’ll give my reason why after the update.

On Friday morning at Talladega, Stewart was commanded to attend a very early morning meeting with three top NASCAR officials – president Mike Helton, vice-president Robin Pemberton, and Nextel Cup director Jim Darby. The result of the meeting was that Stewart came out contrite and immediately started back-pedaling on the statements comparing NASCAR to professional wrestling. Also, Tony was fined $10,000 and placed on probation for the rest of the season due to his no-show at the media center in Phoenix after that race. NASCAR pointed out that it is in Tony’s contract to attend such functions and it is specified on the entry form before each race that the top three finishers and the top rookie finisher go to the media center to speak to the press after each race.

Now why did I still use the wrestling analogy? Because despite what Tony took back, I believe that NASCAR is heading down the path of staging races anyway. The fans are no longer regarded any longer for any decision made by NASCAR. Events are taken away from the old-school racing tracks because they are considered too small to renovate for larger crowds or the track doesn’t bring in the numbers NASCAR likes to brag about on large tracks. The Crap of Today is forced upon the drivers and the fans as being the next best thing when the fire-resistant foam smokes and smolders not to mention that it drives like a whale trying to run a marathon. Finally, our reason for creating this website, the whole Chase format points system that nobody outside the France family likes.

NASCAR is trying every little gimmick conceived to pull in the viewers or boost attendance without looking at the long-term consequences. Sort of like having a steel-cage match, isn’t it?

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